Online / Social Media Marketing

Your online presence is much more than just your website.  While having a well-designed, optimally functioning and regularly updated website is crucial, this is only the beginning of your online presence. 

Online marketing, in combination with Social Media Marketing, is an ongoing process to keep your establishment, activity, restaurant or event at the top of your guests’ mind.  And whilst this should be done on an ongoing basis, we understand the challenges of running your business and looking after your guests while they are with you. 

Online / Social Media Marketing services:



R500.00 once off

Set up your business listing on Google, including contact details and up to 8 images (to be provided);


R500.00 once off

List your establishment on TripAdvisor, including contact details and up to 8 images (to be provided);


R1,200.00 once off

Set up of your booking system incl. contact details, max. 5 rooms / room types and 4 images per room / room type;

min. 1 – max. 2 years rate sheets (rack and STO);


R400.00 once off

Channel management set up per listing site (; Expedia, Agoda, TravelGround, HRS, Safarinow, Rooms for Africa, etc.);


R1,200.00 once off

Set up bed & breakfast listing on AirBnB, including contact details, rooms set up and up to 8 images (to be provided).

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