Tourism Products

You own or run a tourism product on the Garden Route?  May be an accommodation establishment or a restaurant?  Or you offer an activity you would like to suggest to visitors to the Garden Route?   But you’re busy keeping your guests busy and happy, and that is what you’re good at!  And although you know you should be sharing your stories with the world, there is actually not enough time in your day.  This is where we come in!

What Destination Garden Route offers Tourism Products

We are here to tell ‘the world’ how happy your guests are, and to reach out those guests who haven’t found you yet.  We do this in different ways, tailor made to your objectives and budget.

Travel Trade Representation

We love going to trade shows and travel workshops.  This is where the travel trade – both outbound international tour operators as well as inbound South African operators and product managers – ‘shop’ to find new tourism products in the market.  And stay up-to-date with any changes in their current offerings to their clientele.

But these shows and workshops eat up quite a bit of your budget….  Unless you join our portfolio of smaller accommodation establishments (max. 20 rooms), owner-run and managed, uniquely Garden Route tourism products.

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Online / Social Media Marketing

You’re good at entertaining your guests, you keep them busy, you make them happy.  You don’t really want to spend too much time behind your computer.  At the same time you know you should be looking at your online reputation (what do your guests actually say about your establishment, your restaurant, your activity?).  You know you should be spending time on social media, sharing online what you do ‘on the ground’.

No time?  Not sure where to start, how to do it?  We love spending time online, and will share your Garden Route stories, pictures, events, connecting you directly with an interested audience.

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Email Marketing

We stay in touch with tour operators around the world on a bi-monthly basis, keeping the Garden Route at the top of their mind.  In our newsletters we include events and festivals happening on the Garden Route and share general tourism news about the Garden Route and South Africa with them.

Want to draw attention to your product right there, right then?  We offer advertising opportunities on our newsletter which would do just that!

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