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The power of belonging

In the year that was 2020 it has become increasingly evident that belonging to the right groups, associations and organizations is important.  Not only for our personal and business well-being, but also a means to survive.  Together we’re stronger.

Let me elaborate.

When doing business was relatively easy – pre-Covid – being a member of certain organizations was possibly something that was ‘nice to have’, without having to go to deeply into the actual purpose of the organization or benefit to your own business.  With Covid, and the consequent ceiling on financial resources, that has changed.

And while it may be tempting to trim down on membership fees altogether to save costs in the short run, a more powerful approach is to focus on belonging to the right groups and organizations.  ‘Cause only through joint efforts will we be able to survive and thrive again.

It doesn’t help to be a lone voice, looking for attention.  Even though the message may be right, the power of a singular voice is limited while ‘teaming up’ with likeminded people will carry the collective voice – as long as it is united – much further.  This goes for lobbying and general membership organizations, as well as marketing organizations. 

On a personal level exchanging ideas and collectively working towards a common goal is what makes us human and gives purpose to our lives.  And when part of our life’s purpose is to run a business, we equally need those interactions to exchange thoughts, formulate ideas and execute plans.

For businesses in general, and for tourism businesses in particular, it will take a while to regain market share and return to a thriving business.  Making sure you belong to the right groups will set you up for success, even though the initial effects may take a while to show in the current business climate.

With the wealth of online groups and platforms it is easy to find your niche and voice your opinion.  At the same time the multitude of groups makes it difficult to find those groups which add value to and have an impact on your business.  Being selective and carefully choosing your platforms will focus your resources and increase your impact.  Less may actually be more!

The same goes for physical associations and organizations with a stronger emphasis on off-line impact.  Think business chambers, industry lobby groups and even marketing organizations.  Here the importance is to select those organizations which share your company’s beliefs and offer a valuable business proposition.  This could be from simply lobbying for joint membership benefits to country- or industry wide easing of business restrictions – and not only during Covid times, but for business in general.  As far as marketing goes, when efforts get shared, costs come down, while through increasing variety in the stock on offer, the interest will increase too.  The same principle of having a collective voice is what makes the whole bigger than the sum of its individual parts.

So while business is restraint and finances are limited, it is important to chose your affiliations and memberships wisely, as in the long run it will save you.  Business-wise and personally.