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Get on board!

Destination Garden Route - get on board

‘Unprecedented’, ‘pandemic’ and ‘we’re in this together’ are words and phrases heard on numerous occasions on a daily basis. But are we really in this together?

An industry colleague sent out a message on one of the tourism whatsapp groups that actually we’re not all in the same boat: we may be in the same storm, but we’re not in the same boat.  Some of us are in an inflatable rubber duck, some of us are on an elegant yacht, and some are on a steady container ship. 

Like in any storm the boats close together will hang onto each other, the bigger ones will help the smaller ones, the stable ones help those who may otherwise catch water or even sink.

I am happy to be in the boat I’m in, but even more grateful for the other boats around me who support and assist to keep my boat afloat!  In times like these partnerships built before the storm will get you through, and those nurtured during the storm will be invaluable once the storm subsides. 

The organizations we belong to have proven to be invaluable, may be more so now than ever before.  Without SATSA’s industry insights, Skal International’s friendship, the Greater Knysna Business Chamber’s physical support and the Cape Tourist Guides Association’s info sharing, and support of different tourism related whatsapp groups the lockdown would have been a totally different experience.  These organizations and groups have all, each in their own way, opened up the window to the rest of the world even further. 

So while most of us look at ways to cut down costs and some may consider giving up their memberships, I believe in maintaining and, if possible, even growing memberships.  Become active, get involved, meet you peers online and at some point again in ‘real life’.  Make those connections, or to refer back to the boats analogy: get on board!