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Destination Garden Route BirdLife South Africa Flock to Wilderness 2023

Flock to the Wilderness 2023

BirdLife South Africa, with The FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology (University of Cape Town) will host the 6th Learn About Birds (LAB) Conference during BirdLife South Africa’s Flock to Wilderness at The Wilderness Hotel in Wilderness from Wed 24 to Sun 28 May 2023.


The LAB Conference enables laymen and scientists to showcase their research, exchange knowledge and connect with others interested in birds from South Africa and beyond. The event caters to birding enthusiasts and aims to provide a platform for discussion and networking.


The LAB event, organized in collaboration with Fitz, offers two simultaneous sessions aimed at different audiences. The Science LAB functions as a standard scientific conference, featuring 20-minute time slots for presentations and speed talks.


The Layman’s LAB is a platform that hosts longer format talks, lasting around 45 minutes, aimed at audiences who are not scientifically inclined.  The LABs are similar to BirdLife South Africa’s Conservation Conversations webinars.

LABs, or Local Assembly Briefings, are organized in conjunction with the BirdLife South Africa Flock AGM event.  Their purpose is to encourage attendance and secure the necessary quorum for the AGM.  LABs offer delegates interesting talks, birding excursions, and entertainment, providing a compelling reason to attend the event.

The event is finished.


May 24 - 28 2023


George, Wilderness (George),
Wilderness (George)

(Nearest) Town

Flock to the Wilderness 2023

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